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Living on the green

Sterrebeek - Belgium

In between the town centres of Sterrebeek and Tervuren, one old dream makes room for a new, unique reality. Sterea takes over the land where the Hippodrome once flourished, with a spaciousness that entices the imagination. As a combination of style, comfort, nature and urbanity, Sterea provides unique, hybrid living solutions in an exclusive, recreational context. Call this a breath-taking rendezvous between making a home, living, working and enjoying. Between your dream house and its future. Families, businesspeople or pleasure-seekers, young or old; Sterea is everyone’s dream come true. A dream about coming home.

Under construction, phase 2 completed

2300 m2


  • 258 residences, 60-450 m
  • Hotel with 76 rooms
  • 27 apartments
  • 8 office units
  • Golf course & club
  • Food & Beverage
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